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Treasures of Roman Lincolnshire

The county of Lincolnshire has a rich and varied Roman heritage. From the major Colonia at Lincoln, featuring some of the most significant remains to be seen in Britain, to sweeping agricultural landscapes filled with vibrant rural settlements, nationally important industries and intriguing finds assemblages from both professional and amateur archaeology, Lincolnshire encompasses all that Romano-British archaeology has to offer.

My book, Treasures of Roman Lincolnshire, explores that heritage through small finds and monuments, using individual objects and physical remains to uncover life in Roman Lincolnshire, from soldiers, priests and politicians to slaves, farmers, craftsmen, women and children, whether born locally or from the far reaches of the Roman world. Each object and site provides a window into issues such as cultural identity and the impact of Rome on everyday people, forming an overview of life in Lincolnshire almost 2,000 years ago, as told through its most fascinating physical remains.

“An accessible and useful introduction to Roman Lincolnshire”

Current Archaeology magazine

“Readable and copiously illustrated, and at the same time authoritative”

“The varied content reflects the author’s close knowledge of the material, and are testament to his ability to place it in its wider context”

Lincolnshire Past and Present magazine

“Concise, very readable and brilliantly informative”


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