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Tales of Lindum Colonia

I’m a great lover of historical fiction, particularly when its related to the Roman world. Although issues of historical accuracy and authenticity always raise their head, good historical fiction can immerse a reader in a world they find fascinating more completely than serious historical and archaeological writing can.

This page is about a trilogy of short stories written by me and based on Roman Lincoln in the 3rd Century AD. The hero of the tales is a Romano-British blacksmith called Caradoc, who is completely of my own invention, but inspired by the excavation of traders houses/workshops in the St Marks area of southern Lincoln in the 1970s, one of which has become Caradoc’s home in the stories.  Although the stories are fictional and feature an amount of political intrigue and nefarious activity, I hope that I have made the world of Roman Lincoln as authentic as the plots allow.

The stories are chronological, and can be downloaded as a complete trilogy in PDF format using the link below. The three instalments are:

Volume 1: a tale of lions and thieves

The Sempronius family of bakers have a problem. Gaia, their daughter, has gone missing and they fear the worst. Can Caradoc find out what has happened to her while tackling intrigue at the highest levels of Lindum Colonia’s governance and one of the town’s most fearsome gangs?

Volume 2: a tale of fate and grain

Caradoc hopes to return to a quiet life, but a spate of grain thefts are blighting Lindum Colonia. Can he solve the mystery of the thefts, and maybe help out some new friends in need along the way?

Volume 3: a tale of love and retribution

When a female slave comes unexpectedly into Caradoc’s life, he finds himself drawn into a plot more dastardly than anything he has faced before, one that threatens the lives of everyone living in Lindum Colonia. Can he foil the evil schemes of his arch enemy once and for all?

Download the trilogy using this link:


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