Seeing Roman Lincolnshire

A new section called ‘Seeing Roman Lincolnshire’ has been added to the blog, providing a guide to the physical remains of Roman Lincolnshire which are still visible, and indeed visitable, in the landscape. Continue reading


Lincoln’s Eastern Bypass excavations in British Archaeology magazine

The important ongoing excavations at Washingborough as part of the construction of Lincoln’s new Eastern Bypass are featured in the latest issue (September/October 2017) of the Council for British Archaeology’s ‘British Archaeology’ magazine. Continue reading

New funding for late Roman pottery studies in Northeast Lincolnshire

The Roman Research Trust has announced that it has awarded a grant to Dr Steven Willis of the University of Kent to support research into late Roman pottery excavated in Northeast Lincolnshire. You can read a press release on it here, where Dr Willis explains the significance of the pottery for understanding the late Roman economy in the area, traditionally thought to have been greatly affected by seaborne raiding. He believes that the ceramic evidence will demonstrate that, on the contrary, something of an economic boom can be demonstrated. The results of the work will be extremely interesting for our wider understanding of the processes affecting daily life at the end of the Roman period. Continue reading

A close scrape for Lincoln’s Newport Arch

Lincoln’s iconic Newport Arch, the 3rd Century northern gateway into the Roman city, famous for being the only Roman gateway in Britain still used by traffic, had a lucky escape today after being struck by a lorry. The incident serves to remind us of the potential cost of the pleasure of being able to drive under such an ancient entranceway. Continue reading