Roman Lincolnshire Revealed

Research and discoveries from a corner of the Civitas Corieltavorum

Websites and blogs

Have a look at these other online resources to find out more about Roman Lincolnshire

The Collection: Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire’s main archaeology museum, with displays covering all of Lincolnshire, including the Roman period. The website includes details of their collections, a blog and a downloadable resources page, which includes booklets and articles on Roman Lincolnshire

Lincs to the Past

The online collections database for the Lincolnshire Heritage Service

Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record (via Heritage Gateway)

Searchable online database for the Historic Environment Record, the master database of archaeological finds and sites in Lincolnshire

Portable Antiquities Scheme

The PAS is the scheme for recording archaeological finds discovered by members of the public. Its database is now a major resource for researching archaeological finds, particularly in agricultural counties such as Lincolnshire

City of Lincoln Council ‘Heritage Connect’

Detailed online reference about the history of Lincoln, examining the city through various ‘character zones’.

Visit Lincoln Roman Trail

Lincoln’s official tourist organisation has an interactive trail of some of Lincoln’s Roman remains, but their website also contains details of events and exhibitions happening in the city.

Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology

One of Lincolnshire’s main historical societies. The website includes a gallery of historic images of the county and details of their events programme

Caitlin R Green

The personal blog of Lincolnshire based historian Dr Caitlin Green. Caitlin’s research interests include late Roman Britain and her varied and thoughtful posts are always worth reading

Norton Disney Roman villa

A blog by local historian Richard Parker looking at the history and interpretation of the Roman villa at Norton Disney

Lincoln Archaeology Group (LAGER)

Lincoln’s foremost community archaeology group

Navenby Archaeology Group

Active community archaeology group based in the Roman settlement of Navenby

University of Kent Lincolnshire Wolds Research Project

Blog of the long running project investigating ancient settlement on the Lincolnshire Wolds, and which has discovered important Roman sites

Roman Britain

Website detailing all aspects of Roman Britain, with entries for major settlements in Lincolnshire

Roman inscriptions of Britain

Online database of volume 1 of the seminal Roman Inscriptions of Britain books. Contains many stone inscriptions from Lincolnshire

Archaeological Data Service (ADS)

Online repository of archaeological reports and digital archives

Roman Settlement of Britain project

Project to evaluate rural Roman settlement in Britain from archaeological excavation data. Includes presentations of results from the East Midlands, including Lincolnshire

Allen ArchaeologyPre-Construct ArchaeologyArchaeological Project Services

Major archaeological contractors working in Lincolnshire. Their websites contain details of major sites they have investigated





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