New articles on Roman Lincolnshire published

The latest issue of the Lincolnshire History and Archaeology journal has just been published, and contains a number of articles of interest to scholars of Roman Lincolnshire. Continue reading


Tales of Lindum Colonia – the final chapter

I am pleased to announce the third and concluding part of my little trilogy of short stories set in Roman Lincoln. Entitled ‘A tale of love and retribution’, it brings the story of Caradoc the smith to a conclusion and sees our hero having to tackle a new and dastardly plot that threatens the entire population of Lindum.

Both this story and the previous two (‘a tale of lions and thieves’ and ‘a tale of fate and grain’) can be directly downloaded as a single PDF of the complete trilogy,using the link below and, from my Tales of Lindum Colonia page, which says a little more about the stories.

The stories have been a lot of fun to write, and have actually helped me to visualise how Roman Lincoln may have appeared and functioned. Although of course I make no claims to absolute accuracy, I hope the stories balance authenticity with being a bit of fun. Enjoy!


Treasures of Roman Lincolnshire author talks

I’m delighted to say that my book, Treasures of Roman Lincolnshire, is now published and available to buy in shops and online. If you would like to buy a copy, I’d of course recommend that if at all possible you buy it from an independent book shop or a heritage organsation / charity bookshop. If you’re away from Lincoln, you can find it on Amazon here.

I wrote a little about the aims of the book in an earlier post, but suffice to say its fantastic and a little surreal to see printed copies starting to circulate and to appear in shops. In my usual anxious way, I’m feeling a mix of satisfaction in seeing it all come to fruitition and nerves now that people can actually read it. Hopefully its well received, the reception is positive, and some people feel they can connect better with our Roman heritage.

I’m delighted to say that I have been invited to do a couple of author talks at local bookshops in Lincoln and Spalding, so please do come along if you’re in the area and would like to hear a little about how the book came about and some of my favourite objects and monuments from Roman Lincolnshire.

The first talk is on 15th November at Lindum Books in Lincoln, the second is on 29th November at Bookmarks in Spalding.


Tales of Lindum Colonia

A new section has been added to the menu of this blog, entitled Tales of Lindum Colonia. It relates to two short stories written by me a short while ago, both stories of political intrigue in Roman Lincoln, centered around a Romano-British smith called Caradoc, who finds himself drawn into schemes and devious behaviour at the highest levels.

They’re only a bit of fun, a chance for me to explore Roman Lincoln through fiction, but based on my own understanding of how Lindum Colonia looked and felt. If you fancy having a read of them, you can head to the Tales of Lindum Colonia page or download them as PDFs using the links below.

tales of lindum colonia 1_a tale of lions and thieves

tales of lindum colonia 2_a tale of fate and grain