A little personal luxury: the bath house at Denton villa

Of all of the structures we know about in Roman Lincolnshire, the bath house at Denton villa is one of my personal favourites. The small bath house, associated with a modest villa and large enough for only a couple of people to use at once, speaks at a more personal level than the grandest country houses and large public baths evidenced at other sites. Continue reading


Ballista bolts, brooches and pots: early Roman military activity at Lincoln

In a post last month, I wrote about the fascinating discovery of a pair of important new late Roman burials on the hillside just east of Roman Lincoln’s lower enclosure. In that post I briefly mentioned some of the early Roman evidence uncovered during that excavation and said I’d come back to it later. Well, folks, that time is now! Continue reading

Lime kilns at Lincoln’s eastern bypass excavations

The latest ‘Find of the Week’ article by Network Archaeology in the Lincolnshire Echo, highlighting elements of their work as part of the construction of Lincoln’s new eastern bypass, takes to the air to provide a wonderful drone view of a pair of Roman lime kilns from the Washingborough excavation site. Continue reading

Brooches, buckles and fabric: Two significant new late Roman burials from Lincoln

Excavations at the site of the University Technical College in Lincoln in 2014 by Lincolnshire archaeologists Allen Archaeology uncovered two fascinating and important late Roman burials, the report on which I have just seen and would like to share the details of here. Continue reading

Roman farmstead excavated at Brookenby

An update on the Brookenby Village Facebook page by Heidi Sherer (who has kindly given permission for her images to be used here) reveals the progress of recent excavations at Brookenby on the Lincolnshire Wolds. Dr Steven Willis of the University of Kent, who is leading on the wider project to investigate Roman activity on the Wolds, mentioned the site in his talk at the Lincolnshire Archaeology day last year and the new images show that the excavations have produced positive results. Continue reading

The possible Roman vineyard at North Thoresby

The possibility of the discovery of Roman vine cultivation at the Eastern Bypass excavations, combined with a brief conversation on twitter with Dr Eleanor Scott and Dr Caitlin Green, made me think it was worth taking a quick look here at the other suggested evidence of a vineyard in Lincolnshire, at North Thoresby. Continue reading