Local concerns about developments close to Norton Disney villa

The villa at Norton Disney, located c.10 miles southwest of Lincoln just south of the Roman Fosse Way, is a fascinating and important archaeological site, but one which local residents are increasingly concerned may be impacted on by a proposed industrial development nearby.

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Newport Arch: A little-known letter of 1778 and the 1825 unblocking of the pedestrian arch

While doing some research in the historic newspaper archives, I came across a rather interesting letter in the Stamford Mercury of 10th December 1778 regarding a visitor to Lincoln’s thoughts on the state of Newport Arch and what might be done to preserve and improve it. I haven’t ever seen the letter quoted before so I thought it would be interesting to reproduce it here. It also led me to looking at the events that led to the surviving pedestrian gateway being unblocked in 1825. Continue reading

The Tealby hoard pot – a little waster with a long life

The Tealby hoard of Medieval silver pennies of Henry II was an important find for the study of Medieval numismatics, but one of the most interesting elements of the hoard is that it is believed to have been buried inside an intact Roman storage jar, manufactured around 900 years earlier. Continue reading

Hares, hair and cultural identity – a tombstone portrait from Lincoln

One of the most artistically accomplished and iconographically interesting stone carvings from Lincoln is the fragment of tombstone depicting a youth holding a hare in his arms, discovered in 1871 during the construction of St Swithin’s church and now on display at The Collection. Continue reading

An Imperial gift? A luxury Italian import in early Roman Lincolnshire

The latest issue of the Britannia journal highlights an intriguing find from Lincolnshire, discovered in 2016 and recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme. The item in question is a finely made copper alloy vessel handle-fitting, decorated with dogs heads, and of a type whose distribution concentrates on the Bay of Naples in Italy. Continue reading