Animal print tiles at Lincoln’s Eastern Bypass excavations

The excavations at Washingborough currently taking place as part of the construction of Lincoln’s eastern bypass have most definitely captured people’s imagination, and with good reason as the results are proving fascinating (see my earlier posts here and here). As part of the publicity surrounding the project, a ‘find of the week’ is being chosen by the excavators and published in the Lincolnshire Echo. This week’s highlight is a Roman object, in the form of a roof tile complete with a perfect paw print. Continue reading


A child’s footprint from Roman Lincoln

Archaeology is the study of people. No matter how caught up we get in studying building remains or the minute details of changing object typologies, our ultimate aim is to better understand our ancestors. Aside from the discovery of human remains, and even surpassing them in some sense, is the discovery of traces of an individual’s actions at specific, fleeting, moments in time. Continue reading