Lincoln’s Eastern Bypass excavations in British Archaeology magazine

The important ongoing excavations at Washingborough as part of the construction of Lincoln’s new Eastern Bypass are featured in the latest issue (September/October 2017) of the Council for British Archaeology’s ‘British Archaeology’ magazine. Continue reading


Some images from the Grantham Southern Relief Road excavations

I uploaded a post a few days ago about the excavations for Grantham’s Southern Relief Road (read that here), but some new images from the excavation have emerged in the Grantham Journal newspaper (see them here), so I thought I’d add them here too. Continue reading

Villas and vineyards? Excavations on the route of Lincoln’s eastern bypass

A new newsletter detailing the progress of excavations along the route of Lincoln’s Eastern Bypass (downloadable here) has revealed that the project is turning up some exciting new evidence of Roman activity in the Washingborough area. Some of it has the potential to turn our understanding of the hinterland of Roman Lincoln on its head. Continue reading

Roman discoveries at Bomber Command site

Lincolnshire archaeologists Allen Archaeology have been excavating at the site of the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln for the last couple of years, and have been adding to our understanding of Roman occupation to the south of the Colonia, on a prominent location on the top of the ridge overlooking the town. That this location would have been a prime site is clear to see, but before the excavations we had little knowledge of what once existed there apart from scatters of Roman building material, pottery and small finds discovered during fieldwalking nearby, hinting at a farming community dating to the third century. Continue reading