Outsiders and executions? An important new Roman cemetery near Sleaford

Roman burials in Lincolnshire have been a source of immense interest in recent years (see my post on some previous discoveries here) and the trend looks to continue with news of a fascinating burial group excavated by local archaeologists Allen Archaeology in 2012, the report of which I have just seen. Continue reading


Decapitation, infanticide, votive deposition and magical protection: infant burials in Roman Lincoln

Infant burials are some of the most emotive remains encountered in archaeology. The discovery of any ancient human remains can be an emotional, even profound, experience, and the remains of very young children particularly so. Nevertheless, with high infant mortality in the ancient world, the burial of stillborns and children who died in the days and weeks after birth was a common reality. How the burial of these unfortunate youngsters differed from the burial practices associated with older children and adults can tell us much about social relationships and religious belief. Continue reading