The Roman Research Trust has announced that it has awarded a grant to Dr Steven Willis of the University of Kent to support research into late Roman pottery excavated in Northeast Lincolnshire. You can read a press release on it here, where Dr Willis explains the significance of the pottery for understanding the late Roman economy in the area, traditionally thought to have been greatly affected by seaborne raiding. He believes that the ceramic evidence will demonstrate that, on the contrary, something of an economic boom can be demonstrated. The results of the work will be extremely interesting for our wider understanding of the processes affecting daily life at the end of the Roman period.

Dr Willis has been involved in research into the Lincolnshire Wolds for many years, particularly at the significant Iron Age, Roman and Saxon site at Nettleton, and I wrote a post previously which included notes on a talk he gave about his research at the 2016 Lincolnshire Archaeology Day, so head there to find out more about his work.

Dr Willis speaking at the Lincolnshire Archaeology Day in 2016