I posted a little piece a few weeks ago on the discoveries at the ongoing excavations for Lincoln’s new Eastern bypass (read it here). I don’t remember noticing the local media covering it at the time, but it seems they have just caught on, so I thought I’d post links to their online articles here.

As usual for the media some of the details are a little muddled, but there are a couple of images I haven’t seen before, particularly of the skeletons, and the suggestion now seems to be that some of the burials may be Iron Age in date and possibly associated with roundhouses, which would be a discovery of great significance for Lincoln if proved correct. The nature of Iron Age occupation at Lincoln is debated and there is really very little evidence to go on. The ritual use of the River Witham is our most fascinating evidence (centered on the timber causeway at Fiskerton but there were likely to have been others) and Washingborough is the stretch of the river at which the Witham Shield was found in 1826. The discovery of structures (which were not necessarily used as domestic ‘houses’ of course) and burials so close to a sacred stretch of river would therefore be of incredible importance.

The piece in The Lincolnite, titled ‘Ancient burials and artefacts unearthed beneath Lincoln Eastern Bypass site’ can be read here.

The Lincolnshire Echo article, titled ‘Nationally significant remains found at Lincoln Eastern Bypass site’ can be read here.

Aerial view of the Eastern bypass excavations from The Lincolnite