On 21st September, as part of the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology‘s monthly lecture series, Dr Ian Marshman will be talking about his PhD research into engraved gems from Roman finger rings, particularly putting them into the context of the lives of the wearers.

The lecture is being held at St Hugh’s Church Hall on Monk’s Road, starting at 7.30. It is free to members of the SLHA and £3 for non-members.

Ian has recently written a report on the rings and intaglios found at a late Iron Age and Romano-British settlement and shrine site at Nettleton (just south of Caistor on the Lincolnshire Wolds), which includes examples of a fascinating series of rings with intaglios of the smithing god Vulcan. A number of these are now known from Lincolnshire, all iconographically almost identical and perhaps deposited as votive offerings at sites of mineral extraction – a symbolic replacement for the valuable ores being removed from the ground and to ensure their continued existence.


Vulcan intaglio ring from the Nettleton site, now in The Collection